Saturday, November 06, 2004


meow.. how r u.. i haven got a message or email from u for quite long already.. are u ok? i really miss u alot but i cant sms anymore.. haha.. anyway.. hope u r not too busy to read ths and if ur fine jus drop me a message? okie.. i slept at 7 am yesterday.. i only reached home at 6.30am.. i had training.. now its already 10/01pm.. im so tired.. anyway.. jus let u know im fine.. haha.. so see ya.. byes..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

hi meow!!

hey.. u haven come online for quite long liao ah? ahahaha.. anyway.. last nite i dreamt of something nice.. i dreamt that i went back to thailand.. haha.. because u were sick.. than i dreamt of u. haha.. anyway.. so bo liao.. im so fat now.. haha.. yupps.. kk gtg.. byebye..

Sunday, October 31, 2004


1nov 2004 12.30am
sigh.. it hurts me so bad when i think of my best friend leaving... it takes such a big part out of me.. feels like... losing someone i really love.. yupps..but it hurts more to think she doesnt feel the same way.. haha.. she is like so cool about it.. like.. haiya.. its no big deal.. ofcourse its a big deal.. well to me.. but sometimes.. i really wander what is going through her mind.. its a bad thing that she thinks guys should take initiative because i dont.. haha.. so its bad that she only likes guys u takes initiative.. yupps.. so i guess i strike out there.. haha... but i guess ill still have to learn how to take initiative.. oh.. i sent her a super long emAIL but she din recieve it so ill have to rewrite it again.. hehe.. my hands!! okie.... sigh i really wish that meow wouldnt leave.. but she would rather leave.. to get away from singapore.. haha.. ok.. enuff about meow already!! okie.. i have decided to doa sarah le.. im not going to talk to her anymore.. because.. she is a big fat liar.. haha..i hate ppl who lie to me.. ya.. except my bestfriend.. haha.. the bangkok guy called yesterday rite? haha.. i know its not ur dad.. than y u din reply my message.. haix! i was rite.. i knew she wouldnt wasted my 15cents.. haha.. jkjk.. anyway.. im not going to emaill meow le.. cause im wasting her time.. and mine? haha... she can jus read here because its for her to read anyway.. and she doesnt have to reply.. but if she emails me which i doubt.. ill surely reply de.. why ah.. she cant be botherd to reply when i can be bothered to write.. sigh.. im soooooooooooooo sAD ur leaving.. last nite i slept onli at 4 plus.. couldnt sleep.. guess wad i was thinking of.. oh.. i dreamd of meow last nite.. hyaha.. yay!! haix.. turns out dat everyone will be happy except me.. you r happy... your mum is happy.. ur whole family is happy.. except kimmy.. cause he is still here i think.. linnet is happy.. and her gang.. audrey and karin are happy.. but where does all their sadness go? to me!! anyway.. i really really really wish meow would stay here.. or i could go there.. okok.. gtg.. hope u read this meow!! haha.. byebye..

Thursday, October 28, 2004

three week?

really? three weeks? that quite long lol.. than if our wadever u call it dun match, than why r we best friends? only because i took ur side and lost all my other friends? is it? well good for u.. because u stil have other friends.. but wad about me.. when i made that decision.. was i still thinking about myself? so much so that i lost all my friends for u>? and because i was thinking about myself or u... myself is it? im sure.. so if u say that it was ur responsibility to go out wif me in the hot sun than why did u complain now? great.. ur jus great.. i had so much fun there and now u say all these for wad? to spoil my memories there is it? or maybe u like screwing up my life after making me happy? ya.. and u say i think about myself.. well.. its always.. oh.. and everyone says that.. so u mus believe them? everyone says u r a liar and a back stabber.. so wat.. did i listen to them? no right.. ya.. i know.. ur friendly and all that.. and im not.. so wad? thats jus me.. i tot u would know that AFTER KNOWING ME FOR SO LONG.. GUESS I WAS WRONG.. haix.. if u set out to destroy happy memories.. than guess wad.. u have done it.. hope ur happy now.. so at least someone is happy.. i couldnt wait for u to come back.. but i guess i can wait now.. why did i even tell u i like u.. i wander.. i tell u i like u.. but in the end.. u r the one who is happy and im the one who is sad and let me tell u smth.. when i was in thailand i really had fun.. but i dun wanna remember it anymore.. after u say alll those things.. u did everything against ur will when i was there right.. hmm... haix.. i tot i made u happy.. maybe i did.. but u already forgot.. but i havent.. maybe cause u found someone u like.. yeah.. and u should be the one who knows best.. i hardly talk to anyone but u.. ok.. u should know that.. by now.. u should be able to read me like a book.. would i go and do something alone? no right? of course not.. but guess u dunno that.. ya... but it doesnt matter right... i only think about myself.. my slef myself myself.. so thats what u think of me.. now i know.. oh well.. u din have to bring up anything that happened in thailand and ruin my memories.. so im thinking about myself and my things right? always mine mine mine mine mine.. but if u wanted.. it would be urs urs urs..u know that.. i would give u anything.. haix..


do i only think about myself??

do i? do i only think about myself? so because of dat im fucked up maybe.. i wander.... so thats why.. so why now than tell me? hmmm.. to depress me further'? probably..

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


hmmm.. yesterday sarah and i borke up... not like we were together for very long anyway.. maybe she is still a kid.. so cant blame her.. haha... saw it coming so im not surprised although still abit depressed... anyway.... she cant even be bothered bout my so y give a fuck about her.?? make this blog for her to read but she cant be bothered.. so anyway.. im not going to use this blog anymore.. i think maybe if she read this we would have a better chanxce.... even hannah is better than her.. at least she cares.. but sarah? the little miss perfect thinks everyone else is worse than her.. haha... i cant believe she said my mum looks abit retarded.. well.. at least i got a mum.. so yeah.. hope u read this... but if ur so fucking busy.. than... wadever.. i dunn care anymore.. i wish i never knew u.. ruin this part of my life....

Monday, October 11, 2004


haix... im so sad.. is there something wrong wif me? its like.. my gf is always busy.. or so she says.. i can write here cause she is proberbly too BUSY to read.. haix.. she din even add a link to me.. and she added so many ppl... she say she busy but look at her blog.. so free.. like so free liddat.. its like argh.. she cant be bothered. im like feeling so sad lor.. haix.. its like hello.. i made this blog for U to read ok.. but u cant even bother to read it.. and u think im lame.. hmmm ok.. maybe im fucked up.. i tot ur internet cant work? right........ hmmm... haizzzzzzz... i think im not bringing my bike to phukit.. heard its raining... will i regret? man... i dun understand y friends r more impt than bfs/gfs.. to me they arent lor... haix.... dam... wad the fuck is wrong wid me.. haiz... its like since when u go to school so early? thats the time u wake up.. by the time u leave ur house im already in school.. but today u left for school even before i left my house.. whao! and yesterday u were so busy that u message my like once every hour?? u know it kills waiting 4 u.... its like maybe uve changed so much.. cant u make some time for me? haix.... am i complaining too much? oops.. i jus wan u to know how i feel kan? i need the attention and the love... is that too much? this is actually for u to read... but u aint going to read it rite? thats ok.. ill jus continue writing.... yeah... sorry.. i really think there is something wrong wid me... well.. ur showering now... and im going so bye....

Sunday, October 10, 2004

hmmm exams over!

yay!! exams are over.. haha... so stupid man... haix... today is the last day of school.. but guess wad.. im at home writing this retarded entry in this retatrded blog.. and guess wad! wad?? dunno.. why am i at home? because my best friend had to go out for lunch wif her mum... and my gf is still having exams... haix.. but anyway she would be too busy after dat too.. hmmm wad bout my other friends? wad.. those little fuckers r gone.. why??? well.. it started this way.. actually meowsen, my best friend la.. and linnet ling yi veron were quite close.. linnet and meow were my best friends.. but veron was closer to meow at that time.. ya.. a few weeks before the exams, meow veron n i went out alot... like for fun.. durin that period, meow and i got closer.. than i guess veron got pissed or something.. cause the same thing happened to me before.. meow was close to me than veron 'stole' her frm me.. haha.. lame.. ok.. than now i think veron was angry.. than she went to tell linnet alot of shit like meow backstab them.. thats a big word.. so linnet lingyi ang some girl who i hate and she likes me"jamie" ya.. they got angry wif meow and haven spoken to her since.. linnet also told me lotsa crap.. she said that meowsen always say things bout me than linnet found me irritating.. ok.. than she also said that she used to trust meow more than i trust meow.. but if that was true,, they would still be friends like meow and i.. anyway.. ill never tust linnet... and i hope that group of bitches go to hell and die!! i hate them.. especially veron.. so veron.. if i see u nex year.. watch out... hmmm... oh.. and meow will be my bestfren forever.. yupps... but she wont be coming back next next year because she will be going to austrialia to study.. thats sux man.. yeah... all my friends like gone away already.. hmmmm... i miss them! haha.. yeah... when i go thailand i will miss my dear man.. haha.. hmmm... miss her already actually.. u reading this dear.. wander if u actually read.. but dunn think so right?????? never tell me de.. haix... kk heard its raining like shit in thailand now.. like dat how to cycle? bring my bike all the way there to cycle and its raining!! how?? haix.. hmmm.. pray it stops k ppl.... haha.. well gtg.. im bored.. byes.. love u dear.... byes..